Accurate Magnetic Field Measurement: Get the TD8620 Gauss Tesla Meter in Sri Lanka from Nano Zone Trading

Published by Ruwan 18 Nov 04:19 am Nugegoda, Colombo

  • Accurate Magnetic Field Measurement: Get the TD8620 Gauss Tesla Meter in Sri Lanka from Nano Zone Trading
Rs 34,500

Precision in Magnetic Measurement: TD8620 Gauss Tesla Meter by Nano Zone Trading

For professionals in various industries in Sri Lanka requiring accurate magnetic field measurements, Nano Zone Trading presents the TD8620 Magnetic Gauss Tesla Meter. This professional, hand-held device is essential for a range of applications, from magnet testing and quality control to ensuring the functionality of magnetic devices.

The TD8620 distinguishes itself as a digital gauss meter, celebrated for its precision and factory calibration. This guarantees reliability in every measurement. Nano Zone Trading backs this top-tier instrument with a 12-month warranty, demonstrating its commitment to quality. Inquiring about the latest gauss meter prices is as simple as a call to +94 77 86 20 567.

This gauss meter's versatility is unparalleled, being ideal for tasks such as evaluating permanent magnets, assessing loudspeaker quality, and conducting magnetic shielding tests. It features automatic range switching from 200mT to 2000mT and a minimum resolution of 10mμT. Its four-digit display ensures clarity in reading results.

Accuracy is critical in magnetic field measurements, and the TD8620 excels with an accuracy range of ±2% up to 1000mT and ±5% between 1000mT and 2400mT. Whether it's used for testing magnets or measuring the field strength of DC motors, this device ensures precise outcomes.

Nano Zone Trading, a leading provider in Sri Lanka, offers the best price for this digital gauss meter. Customers benefit from convenient cash on delivery and island-wide delivery services, streamlining the purchasing experience.

The gauss meter comes equipped with a longitudinal hall probe and a 2-meter test wire, facilitating measurements in various setups and environments. Despite its advanced features, the gauss tesla meter is exceptionally user-friendly, with straightforward operation and maintenance.

In conclusion, for those in Sri Lanka looking to buy a gauss meter, the TD8620 available at Nano Zone Trading is a blend of precision and value. Contact them to enhance your toolkit for magnetic field measurement.

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